The Roman Romulo-Shalani Soledad Crest

A Swiss author once said, “Love is the emblem of eternity: it confounds all notion of time: effaces all memory of a beginning, all fear of an end.”

But what then can be a perfect emblem of love? A fitting insignia for a perfect match? These were the questions we had in mind when conceptualizing for the crest of the politician couple Rep. Roman Romulo and Coun. Shalani Soledad, and we’re glad it became utterly evident in the final crest they chose.
The simplicity and elegance of the full classic wedding invitation suite of Roman and Shalani wouldn’t have been complete without this elegant crest that gave it a regal and stately appeal. It was the centerpiece of the invitation that now serves as a seal of their love and commitment to each other.

“My first peg for their crest was like a family’s coat of arms, with elements and symbolisms that could define them as a couple. We have identified different elements based on Greek and Latin heraldry. From there, we’ve designed various studies for the couple to choose from,” shared Rodelio Santos, Chief Graphic Designer of Printsonalities.

These were the initial sketches of the crest’s elements. We incorporated royal symbols to signify their distinction as distinguished public servants of the country. In these early sketches you can see the couple’s initials (RS), a crown, a knight’s helmet, a sword, a shield, swirls of Acanthus leaves, and a cross, among others.

We played around with these elements, combining one to another, experimenting with shapes, sizes, fonts, and orientation. Then after much thought, we presented these six studies to the couple.

“They did not like the royal icons, which were the crown, the helmet, and armor. What they wanted to stand out was their initials in a Medieval font and the surrounding swirls of vine and Acanthus leaves. With these elements alone, we knew that a simple yet striking RS crest was yet to unfold,” explained Ms. Noky Gatmaitan, Printsonalities’ Client Service Director. After the revisions, a meaningful and unified crest indeed took shape.

The prominent RS initials enclosed in the shape of a military girdle, they say, represent readiness to serve the public and their commitment to protect each other. The vine surrounding the crest means a strong and lasting friendship, peace and plenty, luck and determination. And the Acanthus swirls bolstered in the outlines speak of their undying love for knowledge and wisdom. A couple whose love and connection we regard as evident and true. A few elements with so much to say. All these, we’ve combined, to draw a simple and honest emblem for the couple that is Roman and Shalani.

Another proud work of Printsonalities – your personal wedding invitation stylist.

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