The Dongyan Diaries: Faux Lace Wrap

This thing that we are calling a “Faux Lace Wrap” was a last-minute addition but it was the thing about Dong and Marian’s invitation that doubled our excitement for the project because this is the first time we did anything like it.

Given their red and black color palette, the first iterations of the invitation leaned towards a masculine feel. So we were directed to give the invite a softer look.


Everything was already working together well so we couldn’t take anything out anymore. Adding something was an option though. It took some quick brainstorming from within our team, some suggestions were: changing ink colors and revising the treatment of the map illustration but the perfect solution came in the form of a wrap to hold the cards together.

The wrap was relatively simple to produce which was good given the tight timeframe. It also gave us flexibility to apply print processes. After meeting with their gown designer, the idea of adding a lace element was introduced. Taking inspiration from the “Spanish” half of their theme and with Dong’s direction of pushing the envelope and exploring things we’ve never done before, we chose to do a lace design in raised ink on red translucent paper.


We’ve never tried this combination of design, materials and print process but it looked good on paper so we took a chance and the result was breathtaking. What do you think?


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