Wedding Destination Series: Philippines

Breathtaking natural wonders, long shores of fine white sands, clear blue skies above seawaters, olden Roman Catholic churches, a warm and comfortable climate – all these, combined with the trademark hospitality of Filipinos and the world-class talent of its wedding suppliers, make the Philippines a favorite wedding destination.


What makes destination wedding invitations so special? These invites often come with more cards than your usual invitation sets. With events happening over the span of a few days, it takes a bit more planning to make sure your guests enjoy your celebration. These are included in the form of cards with accommodation options, travel recommendations (things to do and places to see), maps, etc.,

Every couple has a theme in mind, but we also make it a point to reflect the beauty of the their chosen wedding destination in our designs. It needs a bit of research but it will make the invitations all the more special with little details like icons, patterns, colors or materials unique to the place.

Read on to see our list of the most popular Philippine wedding destinations that we’ve created invitations for.