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The Dongyan Diaries: The Principal Sponsor Invitation

When we got the call that we would be doing the Principal Sponsor invites of Dong and Marian and that they wanted something special, we were beside ourselves because we love things that challenge our creativity.

The people they listed were those who have made a notable impact in their lives—people who have guided them in some way and they wanted that guidance to be with them as they start a new chapter in their lives. It was important for them to be the one to personally invite the people they wanted to be their principal sponsors and not just call them up or have someone else ask for them. They wanted to emphasize how important these people were to them so they put a lot of thought into what token to give them. It had to be usable, meaningful and reflective of the big part they played in the lives of Dong and Marian. There were quite a few concepts but we finally went with the dipping pen quill and ink set envisioned by their wedding planner Teena Baretto.


They gave a premium Printsonalities Paperie box from our Paperie Atelier line that allowed them to customize the contents of the box. Inside, we assembled a dipping pen quill, two bottles of ink and personalized notecards lovingly made by us.


Here are some pictures of their principal sponsors receiving the beautiful boxes

GMA Chairman and CEO Atty. Felipe L. Gozon (FLG) and President and COO Gilberto R. Duavit, Jr. (JRD)

Sen. Tito Sotto and Helen Gamboa

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 1.30.01 PM
President Aquino

The Dongyan Diaries: The Full Wedding Invitation Guide

The wedding invitation of Dingdong and Marian is truly a combination of their personalities—of Dong’s edginess and Marian’s femininity. In this post, we will be treating you to official photos of the invitation that will surely delight your eyes and satisfy your curiosity for the invitation to this this much-anticipated wedding. It is a phenomenal marriage of a great love story, quality workmanship, attention to detail, premium paper, and passion for our craft.

Taking the invitation out of the envelope is a treat for the senses in itself. Your hands will want to feel the pattern (Read: The Dongyan Diaries – The Logo is in the Pattern) delicately embossed onto Italian paper that has the texture of a bespoke suit and your eyes will be mesmerized by the logo in red foil.


Something worth noting is that the hardbound execution of the invitation evokes the feeling of a storybook, and aptly so because of the invitation’s focus on their love story.


As you spread out the panels you are greeted by a sampling of everything that’s in store for you. Not not too much though for it leaves enough mystery for you to want to know more. The invite starts to reveal the narrative with the first few lines of a poem and with the invitation cards tucked away in an exquisite faux-lace wrap with a Spanish inspired pattern.



As you pull out the cards from the pocket adorned with their monogram, the rest of the poem is revealed. You see a vintage world map–with arrows pointing to Madrid and Manila, the starting point of the couple’s journey–enough to pique your interest and carry you forward to explore the invite.




Taking out the cards from the wrap, you count 6 of them in alternating colors of red, black and white. An ingenious way we devised to break the monotony of black in order to soften it for the eyes.


All the cards are backed with the pattern found on the front of the folder for a unified look.


Even the cards are a tactile experience, they went for the best and chose letterpress. While going through the details with your eyes, your hands will surely be exploring the impressions on luscious cotton paper.


Another interesting feature of this invite is the donation card that asks to donate to a good cause in lieu of gifts. Their beneficiary is YesPinoy, an organization Dingdong founded that is engaged in activities to empower the youth.


The envelope was made from the same premium Italian paper the hardbound cover was made of. It was addressed in hand calligraphy using silver ink. The entire invite is sealed by a sticker that features a butterfly, referencing where this journey all began: the proposal in a butterfly dome.


The Dongyan Diaries: Brainstorming

When we got the call that we were going to present concepts for what so many are calling “The Wedding of the Year” we were excited but we also didn’t know what to expect. As our meeting started, all worries went out the door because Dong and Marian were very sincere and professional.

After introductions, we sat down and brainstormed a bit. Being the trailblazer that he is, Dong’s primary direction was that the invite should be something that has not been done before. From that information, and the color palette of red and black, we discussed several concepts ranging from the elegant to the playful.

…from the elegant to the playful (forgive us for the photo quality)

However we found that most of them were indeed nice but were only appealing for their novelty. After some discussion, they chose to go with something more timeless that will then be made distinct by the applied design. The winning concept was a hard-bound trifold pocket folder.

From the beginning, they wanted to feature their love story and with the chosen concept, it takes front and center. The story will quite literally be revealed to you as you open and go through the invitation set. Somehow the look and construction reminds you of a storybook.


The couple and the Printsonalities team at the start of a great journey

The Dongyan Diaries: The Logo is in the Pattern

When we first met about the invitation, Dong shared that he wanted their logo to be a combination of the letters D and M but in a way that was not too obvious. Although they already had an event monogram, for the first presentation of drafts, we worked on some concepts for creating a “brand” to be applied to their invite.


Discussing the branding options (Marnie, Zach and Chiw of Printsonalities, Dingdong Dantes, Teena Baretto, Perry Lansigan)

Branding Studies (click to enlarge)

The theme for the wedding: Filipino – Spanish. The chosen study was the logo we created that when repeated into a pattern is evocative of Spanish tile work. We were happy to be able to subtly incorporate the theme into something that wasn’t overly ornate and girly as easily becomes the case in the world of weddings.

Detail of embossed pattern and stamped logo with a sample of Spanish tiles for comparisson (inlay)

The finished product: The pattern embossed on the outside of the hard-bound folder with an accent on the actual logo in red foil for emphasis and a pop of color


The Dongyan Diaries: Faux Lace Wrap

This thing that we are calling a “Faux Lace Wrap” was a last-minute addition but it was the thing about Dong and Marian’s invitation that doubled our excitement for the project because this is the first time we did anything like it.

Given their red and black color palette, the first iterations of the invitation leaned towards a masculine feel. So we were directed to give the invite a softer look.


Everything was already working together well so we couldn’t take anything out anymore. Adding something was an option though. It took some quick brainstorming from within our team, some suggestions were: changing ink colors and revising the treatment of the map illustration but the perfect solution came in the form of a wrap to hold the cards together.

The wrap was relatively simple to produce which was good given the tight timeframe. It also gave us flexibility to apply print processes. After meeting with their gown designer, the idea of adding a lace element was introduced. Taking inspiration from the “Spanish” half of their theme and with Dong’s direction of pushing the envelope and exploring things we’ve never done before, we chose to do a lace design in raised ink on red translucent paper.


We’ve never tried this combination of design, materials and print process but it looked good on paper so we took a chance and the result was breathtaking. What do you think?


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