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40 days to go ’til Christmas and we’re already feeling the holiday vibe. Here’s something to get you in the yuletide mood.

It’s been an honor working with and printing ICanServe Foundation’s annual Christmas cards, a kind of gift that gives back. Proceeds from these cards go to helping achieve the foundation’s main goal -to raise funds to bring more awareness about breast cancer. Each card bought contains a Christmas ornament that’s anything but ornamental — a glittery beacon of hope. These ornaments, in turn, become tokens of appreciation and thanks for supporting ICanServe’s cause.

For those who don’t know, ICanServe Foundation is a breast cancer support network for both breast cancer warriors and survivors.

“The ICANSERVE Foundation provides hope and help to women with breast cancer. It promotes early breast cancer detection through high impact information campaigns and community based screening programs. Its network of cancer survivors light the path for women with cancer towards total healing.”

This year is extra special for us because ICanServe has given us an opportunity to showcase our creative talent-we didn’t just print this year’s card, we designed it too!

Here’s a quick rundown of the ICanServe christmas cards though the years:


2007 – The first First ICanServe Christmas Card, the humble beginnings of something great

2008 ICanServe Christmas Card

2008  – A quirky christmas word tree

2009 ICanServe Christmas Card

2009 – Playing with words and letters

2010 ICanServe Christmas Card

2010 – Christmas wreath, made out of green ICanServe ribbons.

2011 ICanServe Christmas Card

2011 – Christmas Card with a die-cut design on the cover

2012 ICanServe Christmas Card

2012 – A delicate and simple design all about love

2013 ICanServe Christmas Card

2013 – A sophisticated christmas card with a hint of vintage charm


We had a jolly good time designing this year’s card. ICanServe wanted something playful and modern and current while playing around with earthy tones. We toyed around different typefaces and mixed them up and came up with a very animated typography:

It’s always exciting for us to create something other than invitations. Working with ICanServe just goes to prove that invites aren’t the only things that deserves a good print!

If you want to help out the ICanServe cause and get a lovely Christmas card and ornament while doing so, visit ICanServe’s online pages:

ICanServe Foundation Website

ICanServe on Facebook

Season’s Greetings!

Going with a Social Printer

Going with a social printer like Printsonalities brings a whole world of benefits for you. We’re talking about your invitation, the face of your event even before it happens! Chances are you’re someone’s who’s seeking a good first impression and we’re your friendly neighborhood of invitation “fanatics,” who’s obsessed with coming up with perfect invites, now aren’t we a match made in heaven?

Experience and Expertise experience-expertiseWe’re an expert social printer. We cater to all your invitation needs, answer your inquiries in a jiffy and we won’t even mind how many questions you need to ask, just to give you peace of mind.

Exceptional Service exceptional-service Our front liners are the most extraordinary people, we take service so seriously that we call them Invitation Stylists. Not only do they give top-notch service, they are also well versed in design terminologies and in printing techniques. They’ll be with you every step of the way, making sure your invites become one less thing to worry about.

On Time Response & Delivery signed-sealed-delivered We become your friends, but we’re professional friends, we’ll be there every step of the way and won’t flake on you and will look out for your best interests. We value your time so we keep our commitments and we’ll make sure you’ll get updates about the status of your invitation.

Etiquette Mastery


We are well-versed about the know-how’s of the invitation industry just too give you an extra hand on invitation etiquette. Which words to use, the do’s and don’ts, up to the correct title to use for addressing your guests.

A Talented Pool of Designers

Planning and deciding on the theme of your wedding is one thing, but trying to translate that concept to paper is another thing. We’ve got you covered because we also have a talented pool of designers. We can assure you that there will be awe in collaborating with us. Our creative minds here can whip you an invite that fits your personality. They can make your invite look like:

A Wide Selection of Paper we-love-paper PAPER is something we are very passionate about. Get lost in our wide collection of paper–textured, linen, coated, smooth, matte, metallic, thick, thin–you name it we have it! But don’t get too overwhelmed, we’ll be there to help you pick the perfect one for you.

Quality Workmanship


On a more serious note, we value the quality of everything that passes through our hands. Members of the Printsonalities team are meticulous, to make sure not a single letter on your invite is out of place. Let us take care of the details so you can stress on something else about your wedding! We have an extraordinary fascination for print processes and we’ve mastered them all, for you! If you’re going with a social printer like us, you can leave the worrying to us and let invitations be one less thing to worry about!

Hot off the Press: The Grand Debuts of the Serranillas

Every girl wants to be on the cover of their favorite magazine. For your special day, we say: why can’t you be?

If it’s true that first impressions last, then, The Serranilla sisters would have given the the best impression anyone could give when they gave out their Debut invitations. Both Zian and Lian are achievers and passionate in their own way and through their birthday celebrations, they gave the world a taste of what they brought to the table.

Fulfilling this dream, Zian Serranilla was on the cover of her own magazine debut invitation! It features every bit of her personality and lifestyle–her appreciation for fashion, her favorite things, her loving family and everything that means anything to her. It perfectly suits someone like Zian, who’s bursting with so much energy and so much youth. The whole magazine invitation stays true to Zian’s theme with a vintage glam design highlighting the stunning photos of the debutant in 50s fashion.


Zian coming out into the world as a lady with a 50s themed magazine

A year later, another Serranilla princess turned 18 and we couldn’t have been happier to make another girl’s dream come true with an out of the box debut invitation. She wanted a similar concept but who wants to be a copycat of her sister? So, Lian Serranilla, graced the front page of the “Serranilla Bugle”, her newsletter debut invitation.

An authentic newsletter–headlines, full-blown newsprint layout with beautiful photos of the debutant spread throughout the invite.

If these publications hit the stands they would have given everyone a run for their money!

For special invites like these, there’s so much room for creativity! But it can be a little overwhelming to think about the content to fill in the pages, a theme, knowing where to put what and what etc. Organization and planning goes a long way, but when everything falls into place, a magazine invite is a treasure you’ll carry throughout your life.

For Forevers Like This: A mid-year celebrity wedding review

3 Celebrity weddings and we’re just halfway through the year! Their own kind of quirky, they’re 2014’s crème de la crème of celebrity weddings and we couldn’t be happier to share our part of the magic!

1. First up on the list is Drew & Iya. It has kicked off the year of gorgeous weddings right. What better way to announce a couple’s union than with the perfect wedding invitation?

Villania-Arellano by Printsonalities
“Characteristically Drew & Iya” as the designer, InkScribbler, put it. 

Drew & Iya’s invite just oozes with cute and unconstrained joy. The blue is both bright and bold as how they are –not meant to blend in but meant to stand out! The letterpressed illustration gives depth to the adorable main invite illustration. The charm seeps through the invite suite with illustrated representations on the map and the attire cards! The map even includes crucial stopovers near the venue, just to make sure you won’t miss anything on the way.


2. Next is Yael & Karylle. Made with an air of sincerity and purity, it was also the perfect combination of demure and enigmatic.

Extending this swirl of good feelings, is their wedding invite. It’s got a vintage mail feel to it–with the subtle incorporation of reds and blues, twine to fasten the cards together and the kraft envelope that perfectly ties the look together. Giving it a modern twist, InkScribbler has combined the vintage theme with clean typography and illustrations.

Yuzon-Tatlonghari by Printsonalities
Designed by InkScribbler and expertly printed by Printsonalities

What’s pretty charming about this is the wordings on the invite. With touching lines like:

“Dahil kilala na kita, handa na akong kilalanin ka pa. Dahil kasama na kita, ang nais ko lang makasama ka pa” 

It’s truly romantic! It was later revealed that the lines are from Sponge Cola’s new song, Singapore Sling (Dahil Kilala na Kita) which you can catch in Yael & Karylle’s wedding video.


3. To wrap up the list, is Echo & Kim. Youthful and sweet could be the best words to describe it. It was a very lighthearted celebration of the “beginning of their forever and ever love.”

Rosales-Jones by Printsonlities

Their wedding invitation radiates the same lighthearted vibe as they do –a charming pastel color palette with dainty illustrations. The minimalism of the design gives the words, space to breathe; you can almost take in the picture it tries to paint: clear skies, white beaches and seafoam, the blushing couple, and color of the sky as the sun starts to set. A unique feature of this set is the RSVP card that is shaped like a surfboard to show the couple’s love for the sport.

We can learn from these invitation suites that sometimes less could really be more. Wedding invitations have more to it than what most people know; It takes a great amount of attention to detail, an immense love for paper and appreciation for the print process involved.

Bride and Breakfast Garden Soirée

We’re grateful to have been part of the invitation dream team of Bride and Breakfast’s Garden Soiree! A quaint gathering of established and up-and-coming wedding/event suppliers hosted by brideandbreakfast.ph

The Making of the Invitation
The invitation sets the tone for any event. It tells guests essential information on where to go, when it will be and how to dress. This often undervalued printed work of art also has the power to tie the look of any event together by spilling the design over even the smallest details (menu cards, place cards, gift tags, name tags, etc)

The Garden Soiree invite was definitely a statement piece with a strong yet dainty personality. After the first box was assembled, we were ecstatic about how lovely it turned out to be. The lovely design, rich purple custom-colored box, brilliant gold foil had us in a daze.

 Boxed Invitation by Printsonalities

The first guideline for the invitation was it had to impress; opening it should be an experience. When Janna Simpao, the woman behind brideandbreakfast.ph, decided on a concept she sought out the suppliers that she was confident could not only deliver but wow her guests as well.

Arlene Sy-Salva hand painted the tropical flora in watercolor, The Fozzy Book did the design for the cards and all the beautiful calligraphy while Printsonalities was tasked with bringing these designs to life in print and expertly putting together the delightful package.

Contrary to popular belief, invitation making is highly technical. There are a lot of specifications to get right and the smallest details can make or break a suite. Getting the size perfect so cards don’t move around, readying digital artwork for printing, actual printing and color matching, assembly and ensuring that etiquette standards are met, are just some of them. For this invitation, we made a 3D mock-up before production.

Boxed Invitation by Printsonalities

tech1 Boxed Invitation by Printsonalities

Garden Soiree
Upon arriving at the venue, we were thrilled that the invitation served it’s purpose well. Everyone came in their best tropical luxe garb and the relaxed and cheerful mood was palpable. It was a welcome break from a busy week and a great place to catch up with fellow wedding suppliers.

Photobooth Pics

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