Top 3 Out-of-the-Box Wedding Invitations

Most wedding invitations in our collection represent the elegance and tradition that Printsonalities has been proud to espouse. Having been trusted most recently by Pasig City Rep. Roman Romulo and Valenzuela City Coun. Shalani Soledad with their full classic wedding invitation suite, we are very proud that the brand has, through the years, championed the taste and sophistication that most soon-to-wed couples are looking for.

In fact, our most popular designs belong to our classic, letterpress and luxe collections. Some of these include John & Jackie’s, Alvin & Genevieve’s, Himer & Pinky’s, Jayson & Joyce, among other designs. This only tells us that the classic wedding invitations are here to stay, appealing even to this generation’s young and modern couples.

But do soon-to-wed couples ever ponder, “What might be the invitation designs that are not yet done? Not yet seen?”

We now present to you three of the very few couples who braved to be different, who dared to change the rules to follow their own, who come-what-may achieved what they wanted for their own invitations, producing never-been-done and never-been-seen wedding invitations that people have come to love.

They gave not only a touch of themselves in these invitations, but their own uniqueness as a couple, and these wedding invitations are what we now call as out-of-the-box, out-of-this-world unique invitations creatively and imaginatively conceptualized and executed.

Never mind it was difficult (since it was our job to make it happen), never mind it was laborious, never mind it was non-traditional. What matters is that:

They had it their way.

Let’s one by one take a look at our all-time top 3 most unique wedding invitations:

1. Ryan & Judy Ann

It’s not just the native raffia shoebox that makes this wedding invitation out-of-the-box, but also the witty, casual Filipino wordings and the right pair of slipper that went with the main invites.

“The artistic and rather unorthodox side of the couple became very evident in their wedding invitation. Their concept was very non-traditional and non-conformist. How often would you receive an invitation bearing a slipper which you would be asked to bring to the reception for you to wear? Also, since they wanted a secret, private wedding, they wanted their invite to sound like how they talk, so even without their names on the cards, the guests knew it was their wedding,” shared Printsonalities co-owner and managing director Chiw Bailon.

“Eto na ‘to.. Inuman na! Punta kang nakaputi.”

Who puts a line like that in a wedding invitation?

2. Mark & Jolina

It’s not everyday that we design an invitation in the form of a 28-page scrapbook. Mark and Jolina’s scrapbook wedding invitation put together their love story through their personal mementos replicated in its pages. Although Jolina has also been known for her adorable penchant for arts and crafts, Mark also had his remarkable share of creative and hands-on involvement.

Mark and Jolina Scrapbook Wedding Invitation

“Right from the start, they knew what they wanted. And initially, they asked us if we could make a scrapbook. And I thought, ‘we haven’t done it before’, but we agreed. Mark and Jolina were very relaxed, personal and hands-on, and throughout the whole process, it was like a team effort,” narrated Printsonalities client service director Noky Gatmaitan.

Every font, every color, every detail – everything was a product of their keen artistic predilections, and with us, they were able to make it happen.

3. Jayson & Elaine

They could have just asked for a design with a cherry blossoms pattern and it would already be fit for a Japanese zen-themed wedding. But Jayson and Elaine had something better in mind. They had an origami wedding invitation.

“When you think of an origami invitation, what comes to mind is that there might be an origami embellishment or origami add-on that goes with the main invite. But for Jayson and Elaine, the invite itself was an origami”, related Noky.

What we came up with was an origami lotus flower. What’s interesting about this was the guests must be able to solve the puzzle to see the RSVP and location map page in the petals’ front and back panels. It did come with instructions though

“They wanted it to be interactive. They wanted their guests to have fun with it, to play with it.”

Couples like them, who have the wildest, out-of-this-world and never-heard-of ideas for their wedding invitations are assured that their dream wedding invitation can come true with Printsonalities’ full customization prowess.

For more invitation samples, please click HERE.

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