What Defines Indian Wedding Invitations

Indian weddings are known to be the most extravagant, most opulent weddings in the world. Their weddings are regarded as not just the union of two souls, but also of two families, and deemed as one of the most ritualistic affairs in Indian traditions.

And likewise, this kind of opulence and grandness are very well displayed in their wedding invites – the very first visible mark of the celebration.

Let’s take a look at the qualities and characteristics that make up an Indian wedding invitation.

Bright, radiant colors

Indian wedding ceremonies are usually very colorful. They choose bright colors to signify the tradition, festivity and liveliness of the occasion. In traditional Indian wedding invitations, bright vivid colors are a staple element.

This gleaming pocketfold invitation we made for Kunal and Michelle is comprised of four colors for the four events of their week-long celebration. In this design, beautiful paisley patterns and an icon representing Hindu god Ganesh were excellently used.

A stunningly magical look

Their deep respect for tradition, cultural heritage and national symbols deserve beautiful patterns, icons and details that can represent who they are as a people.

Take a look at the mystifying round icon we designed for Avani and Simha’s plyke brown pocketfold invitation. It provided a magnificent aura that brings you closer to the captivating culture of India.

A lavish ensemble

Because of the different kinds of celebrations that last at least three days to up to three weeks, sets of Indian wedding invitations often come in pocketfold or customized boxes.

Ordered with an itinerary card, welcome kit and menu, this pocketfold invitation set we crafted for Krishnan and Anita invited guests for a fun destination wedding in the Cayman Islands.

Classy, sophisticated appeal

Some Indian couples prefer their weddings in quite formal settings. In such cases, the wedding invitations can adopt the same traditional vibes, but executed in a classy, sophisticated approach.

This horizontal pocketfold invitation of Dhruva and Namita is an example. All white paper with abstracted paisley prints on the pouch and on the envelope lining – a little bit minimalist, but with the same opulence befitting a splendid occasion.

Indian weddings are predominantly defined by Hindu rituals and traditions, but since there are also seven other religions with each of their own wedding practices, the overall tone, style and celebration of Indian weddings may vary depending on the couple’s backgrounds and preferences.

Nonetheless, one thing remains distinctive of an Indian wedding invite: the suite is always a delightful display of love, commitment and national identity. And with Printsonalities’ full customization prowess, almost everything is possible for a grandiose Indian wedding.

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