Bride and Breakfast Garden Soirée

We’re grateful to have been part of the invitation dream team of Bride and Breakfast’s Garden Soiree! A quaint gathering of established and up-and-coming wedding/event suppliers hosted by brideandbreakfast.ph

The Making of the Invitation
The invitation sets the tone for any event. It tells guests essential information on where to go, when it will be and how to dress. This often undervalued printed work of art also has the power to tie the look of any event together by spilling the design over even the smallest details (menu cards, place cards, gift tags, name tags, etc)

The Garden Soiree invite was definitely a statement piece with a strong yet dainty personality. After the first box was assembled, we were ecstatic about how lovely it turned out to be. The lovely design, rich purple custom-colored box, brilliant gold foil had us in a daze.

 Boxed Invitation by Printsonalities

The first guideline for the invitation was it had to impress; opening it should be an experience. When Janna Simpao, the woman behind brideandbreakfast.ph, decided on a concept she sought out the suppliers that she was confident could not only deliver but wow her guests as well.

Arlene Sy-Salva hand painted the tropical flora in watercolor, The Fozzy Book did the design for the cards and all the beautiful calligraphy while Printsonalities was tasked with bringing these designs to life in print and expertly putting together the delightful package.

Contrary to popular belief, invitation making is highly technical. There are a lot of specifications to get right and the smallest details can make or break a suite. Getting the size perfect so cards don’t move around, readying digital artwork for printing, actual printing and color matching, assembly and ensuring that etiquette standards are met, are just some of them. For this invitation, we made a 3D mock-up before production.

Boxed Invitation by Printsonalities

tech1 Boxed Invitation by Printsonalities

Garden Soiree
Upon arriving at the venue, we were thrilled that the invitation served it’s purpose well. Everyone came in their best tropical luxe garb and the relaxed and cheerful mood was palpable. It was a welcome break from a busy week and a great place to catch up with fellow wedding suppliers.

Photobooth Pics

10 Most Popular Wedding Invitations of 2012

It’s time to reveal our 10 most popular invitations for 2012. This list is based on total website views, ratings and inquires.

2012 saw letterpress still on top of couples’ wish lists for their wedding invitations. Other things couples have taken a liking to are bold patterns, rich colors and quirky design elements. Read more about it in our post about invitation trends in 2013.

Here they are. Tell us which of them is your favorite.

Designing an invitation that is almost nothing is no easy task but something the bride, Jackie Mitra-Bailon, pulled off perfectly. The invitation’s timeless appeal and charming personality has brought it to the top of the list for two consecutive years. The smart use of white space and font weights with the quaint bird illustration makes it hard for anyone to take their eyes off this beauty.

We are happy to announce that Jackie will be collaborating with Printsonalities as a guest designer.

See in gallery

What makes it for this letterpress invitation is the lush damask background with just the right amount of pattern in a color that doesn’t take away form the main focus of the invite–the couple’s wedding. An invitation that exudes luxuriousness from the impressive size of the cards (8″x8″) to the metallic gold ink the details are printed with.

See in gallery

What this invitation set lacks in number of cards, it makes up with immense personality. It effortlessly merges vintage and contemporary in one beautifully letterpressed card. Fall in love with the volutes and ornaments–little details that accent the already beautiful typography.

See in gallery

A modern take on Art Nouveau. The overflowing swirls are broken with patches of white space that contain the details of the event. The tiered cards are belted neatly and placed in a pochette.

See in gallery

Opening this invitation set will be in your memory for a long time just with the number of things to see alone: the rounded frame, soft cherry blossom pattern, colored envelope and intricate die cut belt that all complement each other to give something classy without being uptight.

See in gallery

So what’s so special about a block of text? Sometimes less is more; you don’t have to go overboard to show elegance and style. Here, the playful use of font weights and the pop of color to emphasize details go a long way to tell your guests what a wonderful event you are going to have.

See in gallery

Maybe it’s the hand drawn botanical patterns or the lovely frame or the banner ribbon or the adorable fonts or perhaps all of them? Whatever it is, this invitation will charm anyone who sees it

It was exclusively designed for the couple by an artist we love to collaborate with, Fozzy Castro-Dayrit. She will be collaborating with Printsonalities as a guest designer starting in 2013.

See in gallery

Reserved and sophisticated with a filipiniana flair. This invitation lovingly speaks to guests in Filipino, a theme is seen from the neutral color scheme, subtly textured fabric that houses the cards embossed with a lace design to the faux-pearl string that fastens the pocket folder.

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When you’re as in the public eye as this couple you don’t really need to show off. This invite is so clean and simple it is what makes it so unique and likable. An ornate crest embossed on the outside entices you to open it and see the main invite layered on metallic paper inside. The entire suite was done in letterpress with paper in varying shades of light beige.

See in gallery

Black isn’t a color associated with weddings but this all-black invitation could change that. It is daring and edgy. It might not be for everyone but it is certainly a dapper looking invitation. Silver foil was used to print the text and the monogram (an ambigram of the couples’ initials). The different textures and layers of black add depth that will draw you in and capture your imagination.

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2013 Wedding Invitation Trends

Do you know what you want for your invitation? If not, here’s a list of invitation trends we believe will takeoff in 2013 to guide you where to start.


Color of the year: Emerald

“Lively. Radiant. Lush.” is how Pantone, the authority on color describes, 2013′s color of the year. It is a color associated with so many positive things, growth and prosperity being some of them. There are very few invites we’ve done using this color so if you’re going for something truly unique, using this color is a good place to start.

Ace & Vanessa



A great accent that provides a little structure to invites with heavily patterned backgrounds. A little tip: just changing the shape of the frame can change the feel altogether.

Paul & Ella


Francis & Abigail



“Rustic” is a buzzword thrown around a lot during wedding or party planning nowadays. Commonly used for monograms, using wreaths is a sure way to get on the right track to achieving that romantic countryside look you want.

John & Melissa


Patrick & Patty



Nature has always been a good place to draw inspiration from and what says nature more than trees? The strength associated with them is probably what makes it such a popular motif with weddings. It can be used in any way you can think of: an icon, a background, a focal point etc.

Jon & Teresa

Victor & Karaine

Geometric Patterns

Floral patterns have more recently taken a back seat to geometric patterns that have more range to them as with the themes they can fit to. They’re more often accents rather than being the center of attention. Used as envelope lining or back prints, they are a great way to put a contemporary spin on a classic look or to enhance a vibrant design even more.

Christopher & Carla

Roger & Rachelle


Movie inspired

You could have had your first date watching it, it might be that the story is similar to your own or you may just plain and simply find it cute. Whatever the reason, movies are a great source of inspiration.

Ryan & Sheena


Die Cut Belts

Die-cutting isn’t a new print process but it has been used to reinvent the paper belt. Created to fasten loose cards together, it now pulls double duty as an accent piece. We’ve done everything from oriental patterns to tree branches.

A word of advice: Die cut designs have to be at least 1/8” inch thick

2013 Color of the Year: Emerald

Pantone, the authority on color, has just announced 2013′s color of the year.

Emerald. Named after the distinctly green gemstone, it is a color that evokes sophistication and luxury with just the right amount of personality. “Green is the most abundant hue in nature” says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute

In print, it is a bold color that catches attention without being over-the-top. Use of this color is associated with growth and prosperity, things that are only fitting to any celebration of life’s milestones.

Emerald is described as “Lively. Radiant. Lush” green all things we hope 2013 will be!

A Glossy Flair: Magazine Style Debut Invitations

Our chief graphic designer Rodel Santos just recently finished designing a magazine-style debut invitation that suddenly reminded us of the glamorous debut invitations of Jorgina Almoro and Zian Serranilla.

These two beautiful ladies, both coming from prominent well-to-do families, inspired the very first personalized magazine-style debut invitations Printsonalities ever created. Jorgina’s debut in February 2011 and Zian’s in August the same year both featured their stunning pre-debut photos that captured them in different genres of fashion.

“My main motivation for the two magazine-style debut invitations is that all of the glossy pages must naturally be about the debutantes. I designed [the invitations] not merely for them to be an invitation but also to be a representation of the celebrants,” shared Rodel.

Jorgina Almoro’s Mod Charm

Her sweet smile and swanky character were in perfect use in this chic magazine-type debut invitation. Her theme for her debut was “Mod” which according to her means “being fashionable, stylish, modish, being current or prevalent, being contemporary or modern, being innovative or new, and being chic, classy or posh”.

Indeed, all throughout the beautiful pages of this glossy invitation was Jorgina in her full bloom as a lady.

Zian Serranilla’s 1950’s Glamour

Zian’s theme for her debut was a bit more serious and more mature. Adopting a 1950s fashion era, her fabulous wardrobe exhibition matched the vintage-inspired fonts and glossy paper stock that elegantly displayed her glamorous transition into adulthood.

The Debut is a traditional Filipino celebration of one’s entrance into adulthood. For girls, it’s celebrated on their 18th birthday, while for boys, it’s on their 21st. This tradition is somewhat similar to the Quinceañera of the Latin Americas in terms of grandness and significance. This is one of the very few times in your life that the love and appreciation of your friends and family are very much felt.

And, well, no other kind of invitation can fit this meaning than a full-blown magazine about you.

More than the high quality customized wedding invitations and stationeries we are respected for, the debut invitations of Zian and Jorgina both show that Printsonalities can execute any concept, any design that the debutantes may be dreaming about for their celebration.

As what Rodel commented, “imagine being in the cover and centerfold of your own magazine. It’s like realizing your superstar dreams in the pages of a debut invitation.”

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